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Meet Rabbi Lehrfield 

Rabbi, educator and motivational speaker.

Rabbi Menachem Lehrfield is the Director of the Jewish Outreach Initiative, a bold initiative that is changing the landscape of Jewish Denver.

His warmth, genuine love for every Jew, and approachability allow him to connect with people of all ages and from all backgrounds.

Rabbi Lehrfield received his M.Ed from Loyola University, Chicago and received two rabbinic ordinations ; from Yeshivas Beis Yisroel in Jerusalem, and from Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg, the former Chief Justice of the Jerusalem High Court.

Sample Titles

Below is a list of some of the classes available. All classes, talks and presentations are text based. All talks are customized to reach each particular audience.


Try Again
This Class is based on ancient wisdom reinforced through the modern brain research of Carol Dweck. This is a multi-part inquiry into the power of our beliefs, both conscious and subconscious, and how changing even the simplest of them can have profound impact on nearly every aspect of our lives. We will then explore how Judaism reinforces these ideas through our teachings, holidays and practices.
This can be one class
or a series with as many as 10 sessions.

Stay Inspired
Why doesn’t inspiration last? “Stay Inspired” will explore the nature and purpose of inspiration and show you how to harness the power of inspiration to make real, lasting change.

The Power of One
This class explores how to gain unity as a People while at the same time celebrating the uniqueness of each individual.

All's Good in the End
What doesn't break you, makes you stronger. This class will highlight how the challenges in our lives make us who we are.

A New Leaf
Begin again now.

The King's Coronation
The class goes to the heart of what Rosh Hashana is all about.

The Happiness Workshop
The Happiness Workshop is 3 part exploration on the Jewish concept of Happiness based on the teachings of the Maharal of Prague. 

This can also be done as a standalone class.

Trouble in Paradise
What does it mean to be a human being? This class will take us all the way back to the Garden of Eden to explore the nature of free will.

The Incline
Three lessons I learned while climbing 2,744 steps of the Manitou Incline: 1.One step at a time - focus on the immediate next step not the big picture, 2. Don't compare to other people/ Don’t judge others, 3.The False Summit - the plague of enough!

The Transformational Workshop
The Transformational Workshop is a multi-part exploration into the purpose of the universe and my place within it.



"The class on free will really changed my perspective on Judaism and other parts of my life."

Julie M

“Rabbi, I was absolutely blown away by your three discussions on Yom Kippur.

You have an amazing gift, I am so glad our paths have crossed, and that you have shared that gift with us.”

Michael L.

 I had no intention of going to classes yesterday, having decided that the services were powerful and compelling and exactly where I needed to be.  But at one point I became so excited that I couldn't keep my mind on the services, so I decided to get up and wander around for a moment.  I wandered right into Rabbi Lehrfield's class, one minute before it started.  And I'm so glad I did! This one class has completely changed my outlook on my life, my marriage, my everything!


Rachel F.


Consider bringing Rabbi Lehrfield out for your next event, banquet or Shabbaton!

Let’s Connect.

Phone Number: 305.962.9380    /     Email:   

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